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Graboid - Sanguinare 10pk

Graboid - Sanguinare 10pk

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"First kill is always the best...the blood has never tasted as sweet since" - Movarth Piquine, Skyrim.

 These custom made 5" worms are made from a specific blend of intermediate and soft plastics, this means it has a sensitive action without weakening the lure itself. Perfect for a wacky rig or Neko rig. 

All these together give a natural fully opaque dark Red/Brown colouration with good texture from different flake sizes. Great for fishing murky waters where a solid silhouette will stand out well.

 The lures in the picture is exactly what you'll be receiving, once they're gone they're gone!

9g weight 

5" - 12.7cm


Phthalate free plastisol, Intermediate grade.

Care information

Keep in bags or dedicated storage compartments and keep away from plastics that melt!

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