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Grunt spinner - Small - Nickel & Brass

Grunt spinner - Small - Nickel & Brass

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The Grunt spinner has a slender and lightweight construction with a 6 gram brass barrel body and French blade. This lure is perfect for Perch in Canals and Rivers.

Each Spinner is equipped with an advanced VMC 7552 Treble hook. The ’75’ range is created with ultra fine wire, hybrid bent inline rotated eye, mega fine barb and an insanely sharp point. Premium hooks to finish off a premium spinner.

We have also decided to attach the hook via split ring, this allows you to swap hooks. Maybe the waters you fish don't allow trebles or maybe you want a feather treble for the ultimate performance. What if a fish bends your hook out?no worries just change the hook.


6 grams


*Each spinner is handmade so please allow a very small variance in length and weight*


0.8mm wire, French blade (Hammered)

Care information

keep in a dedicated storage slot to prevent hooks from grouping together.

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