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T-X Nylon coated wire leader 60lb 3Pk COMING SOON

T-X Nylon coated wire leader 60lb 3Pk COMING SOON

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Length *loop to loop*

The T-X leader is the ultimate, an uncompromising leader for an uncompromising angler looking for 100% confidence. The T-X wire is made in the US of A from seven strands of stainless steel coated in liquid nylon for a smooth and slick finish.

A specially selected grade of Nylon was chosen for it’s superior tough yet Flexible characteristics, it also completely seals out water, improves life of the the leader and reduces visibility.

Equally as useable in Saltwater environments for Snook, Tarpon, Bluefish, Barracuda, Red drum etc.

We haven’t skimped out on the connections either, at one end we have a 104lb test snap swivel for a solid lure connection and the other we chose a 74lb swivel, both of these are ball bearing swivels that will continue spinning freely and independently under max load unlike a standard barrel swivel. We also have steel plated copper crimps to ensure the line is sufficiently held down with no slippage which is then protected with high density shrink tubing to minimise snags on tag and crimp ends.

Comes in packs of Three and also available in 20cm, 30cm, 40cm, 50cm. *Measured from loop to loop not overall length*


Stainless steel, Nylon

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Coil back up after drying

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